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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people to provide safe care so that no person is harmed by a preventable infection.

Our Mission

To make our vision a reality Infection Prevention Control Ireland (IPCI) will strive to educate nurture and preserve the sharing of expert knowledge to enable healthcare staff, service users and others to make informed and evidenced based decisions on how to protect their patients, service users, colleagues and themselves from the risk of infections, irrespective of culture or diversity. The benefits of joining IPCI: As a member of IPCI you would have access to a vibrant network of like-minded individuals’ committed to infection prevention and control (IPC) and through this organisation you can:
  • Access best practice advice for delivering more effective health, social care and patient safety
  • Contribute to discussions on IPC issues and receive regular internet communications regarding issues pertinent to IPC via our website
  • Get involved in organising and delivering education on IPC study days
  • Access first hand high quality information concerning developments in the IPC profession through attendance at quarterly meetings and the annual conference
  • Participate in research & development projects aiming to reduce the risk of infection
  • Contribute to the IPCI quarterly newsletter
  • Be involved in national consultations on matters of major scientific and governmental importance
  • Benchmark a activity and performance in your work setting both locally and throughout Ireland
  • Link across a wider horizon than your work setting for peer support and learning
  • Influence the direction the IPCI organisation via participation in votes or discussion
  • Avail of IPCI funding to attend international infection control conference. (T&C’s apply)
  IPCI is affiliated with the Hospital Infection Society and the International Federation of Infection Control. Please click on the logos below to visit these sites