Responsibilities of the Board of Directors/Officers

The Board of Directors/Officers are responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance and submission of financial accounts to Mr Chris Walshe for audit by Revenue
  • Must not undertake an action that would potentially compromise the financial stability of the organisation
  • Must ensure there are sufficient funds to discharge any debts.
  • Ensure the organisation does not breach the conditions of its charitable status
  • Act within their role profiles
  • Promote the organisation locally, nationally and internationally
  • Represent the organisation in a professional manner
  • Declare all conflicts of interest
  • Act in the best interest of the members and the organisation
  • Development in consultation with the members of a “Five Year Strategic Plan” to guide and direct the workings of the organisation.

The Officers lead on the strategic direction of the organisation in order that it meets the objects of the Five Year IPCI Strategic Plan. The Officers are responsible for all aspects of the day to day business function and of monitoring progress in achieving its aims and objectives. They must ensure that the organisation complies with the requirements of its charity status.

Assisting the officers in their respective roles as Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer are the individuals in the roles of Research & Development Lead and Education Lead. As with the officers roles the profiles of these positions are published on the website.

IPCI Chairperson Role_Profile_Ireland Final

IPCI Secretary_Role_Profile 

IPCI Treasurer_Role_Profile Final

IPCI Research_and_development_Lead_Role_Profile Final

IPCI Branch_Education_Lead_Role_Profile Final

The Officers are elected by the members. The opportunity to take on a role of Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer affords members an unparalleled experience of leadership and management. Taking on such a role can help in personal and career development and add immense value to your CV. The roles and responsibilities are published on the organisation’s website.